Way to Go Commuter Awards

2023 Way to Go Commuter Awards

Each year, Way to Go recognizes commuters and employers in the Denver region who choose commuting options to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.

Visit the event page to purchase a ticket to attend or learn more about sponsorship packages for the celebration on Wednesday, Oct. 4, at Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts!

Employer Champion Award 

Organizations that make it easier for employees to choose sustainable travel modes for their commutes deserve lots of recognition. Nominate an employer and tell us about their program, what makes it successful and how introducing flexibility in commuting has changed the organization’s culture for the better.

Commuter of the Year Award

Help us recognize someone who has made a year-round commitment to sustainable commuting practices. Nominate a commuter who consistently demonstrates a commitment to embracing transportation options that improve the quality of our region’s air. Share how the nominee’s commute habits serve as a model for others!

Rising Star Award

Making changes in the way we get around can pay off in big ways. Nominate a commuter who is new to the space of sustainable commuting by telling us how they went from driving alone every day to using transportation options like transit, biking, walking or even teleworking.

NOTE: The nomination period has closed.

Please upload a short Word or PDF document describing why the company or individual you nominated should be selected to win a Way to Go Commuter Award. Limit 1000 words.