Way to Go Awards

The Way to Go Champion Awards recognize innovative outreach efforts or programs that reduce single-occupant vehicle (SOV) commuting while increasing the use of sustainable transportation modes.

Self nominations (employer or individual) are encouraged. Please submit your nomination by Jan. 25.

Way to Go Employer Champion Award

Employers who demonstrate the best use of available resources to creatively influence employees to adopt smart commute options are eligible for this award. The following areas are some ways that may qualify your company for recognition – but these are just examples. We’re looking forward to hearing about your innovative practices.

  • Implementing or expanding a comprehensive commuter benefits program with a high rate of employee participation
  • Providing commuter information and transit schedules at a centralized location for easy employee access
  • Including commute information in new hire packets
  • Promoting formation of employee carpools and vanpools; providing preferential (discounted or free) parking for carpools and vanpools
  • Subsidizing one or more of the following: employee transit passes, vanpool fares and memberships in carshare or bikeshare programs
  • Providing shuttle services to and from transit stations
  • Providing bicycle and pedestrian safety information
  • Implementing or expanding a pre-tax benefit program for commuting expenses
  • Providing the Way to Go Guaranteed Ride Home program and promoting it
  • Installing bike racks or lockers
  • Providing shower facilities for bicyclists and walkers
  • Participating in and promoting annual Bike to Work Day in June
  • Implementing or expanding a telework program that enables employees to work remotely on a regular basis
  • Instituting a policy allowing employees to work compressed work weeks or flexible schedules
  • Offering electric vehicle charging stations

Way to Go Commuter Champion Award

(one individual will be recognized in each category)

Community Champion Award

– Recognizes an individual who demonstrates a commitment to promoting or advocating for transportation options in their community. For example, someone who is an advocate of sustainable, non-SOV commute options and encourages their friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers and others to participate. It could be someone who leads a group of children that walks or bikes to school, or someone who organizes neighborhood bike rides. Or it could be an individual who makes a meaningful contribution to improving transportation options through planning, partnerships, education and awareness.

Workplace Champion Award

– Recognizes an outstanding employee for going above and beyond expectations to promote and achieve employee participation in non-SOV commute options. For example, a transportation coordinator who helps employees plan transit or biking routes, find carpools or join vanpools; an employee who organizes weekly bike rides or walks at the workplace; or an employee who organizes Bike to Work Day or other such programs that encourage employees to drive alone less.

Commuter of the Year Champion Award

– Recognizes an individual who exemplifies exceptional commuting practices year-round. For example, an individual who bikes to and from work every day, in all seasons; someone who is the primary driver of a longtime vanpool and who encourages co-workers to join when someone leaves; an employee who carpools or vanpools and encourages others to try it; someone who takes transit to work even though there may be multiple transfers; someone who organizes a neighborhood school carpool.


The 2019 Way to Go Awards nominations will only be accepted online at waytogo.org/awards. If you have any questions about the nomination process, please email waytogo@drcog.org or call Way to Go at 303-458-7665.

Judging Panel and Criteria

Nominations will be judged by a panel of regional and national transportation experts; commuter benefits coordinators; community leaders and/or sustainability professionals. Judges will evaluate entries based on documented efforts that successfully promote sustainable transportation options. The goal is to recognize and reward employers and individuals who reduce congestion and emissions in the Denver metro area through sustainable transportation initiatives. Staff of the Denver Regional Council of Governments and Way to Go partner transportation management associations are ineligible. 

What makes this person an outstanding champion of alternative transportation?
What did you do? Provide an overview of the project or program.
Why did you embark on this project? What problem(s) were you trying to solve? What community did you target (and why)?
How did you implement your idea? What steps were involved? How did you promote your project to your targeted community?
Detail positive outcomes related to participation rates, communities served, productivity, environmental impact, congestion mitigation, etc.
Please tell the judges why this entry should win a Way to Go Champion Award. Include any details not already listed above.

Allowed formats - gif, jpg, png, bmp, eps, tif, txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, and xlsx - 8MB Max File Size.