Regional Incentives

Geographic Target Area Modes Details Dates Active Contact
Boulder City Limits Vanpool Way to Go and VanGo vanpool riders who live or work in Boulder can receive $20 per month reimbursement (available for both current and new riders). Now – 2018 Boulder Transportation Connections
Boulder City Limits Transit Boulder companies with 11 or more employees can receive 50 percent reimbursement for new RTD EcoPass contracts for the first year and 25 percent for the second year. For companies with 1-10 employees, the reimbursement is $60 per employee the first year and $30 reimbursement the second year. Ongoing Boulder Transportation Connections
RTD District Vanpool Way to Go provides a subsidy for vanpoolers who travel in or through the RTD district, for up to 60 percent of the cost of their van. Vanpoolers pay a flat, per-month fee based on the distance the van travels and the number of passengers in the van, and this fee covers all commute expenses, including gas and insurance. Ongoing Way to Go