Champions on the Move

My Way to Go Challenge and Bike to Work Day

Way to Go’s 2015 Bike to Work Day outreach has added a competitive element to the event with the new Employer Challenge.

For Bike to Work Day, Way to Go helps employers set up bicycle-based challenges. The Bike to Work Day challenges formalize efforts that many employers have already been doing. Over the last two years, Way to Go has worked with Pia Valeriana from Davis Partnership to reach out to other architecture and design firms. Pia has been an unwavering supporter of Bike to Work Day, as has Bill Diguiseppi from CH2M Hill. Not only have the two bicycle enthusiasts energized their own companies, but they have reached out to 56 other employers, such as Slater Paull Architects, LT Environmental, Knight Piesold, Burkett Design, and Barrett Studio Architects. Pia and Bill are excited to put together new employer challenges for the 2015 Bike to Work Day event.

Participants who take up a challenge are asked to track their trips. Trip tracking is an essential component of successful employer challenges. Participants are asked to record and log their trips on the dashboard section of their accounts.

The Employee Challenge feature will soon be linked to an incentive tracking component enabling organizers like Bill and Pia to thank their coworkers for their efforts on a year-round basis. For each challenge, the system will track their employees’ efforts, and then Pia and Bill can reward them with prizes for their accomplishments.

For more information on the Bike to Work Day Employer Challenge, please visit: