Work from Home

Reduce employee stress and increase productivity

Over the next five years, the Denver region is expected to see a 21% increase in people working from home. As a part of employee recruitment and retention, teleworking can be offered as a part of your benefits package or on an as-needed basis such as weather events. Both anecdotal evidence and scientific research support the notion that people who are granted work flexibility see a boost in productivity.

Statistics compiled by Global Workplace Analytics, employees at American Express who worked from home were shown to be 43% more productive than their office colleagues. That’s partially because people are happier and healthier when they have some control over their work lives.

In addition to helping workers feel better and more productive, working from home can also help your company be part of reducing climate change. Eliminating or cutting back on daily commutes reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Properly using videoconferencing and other remote communication tools can help companies reduce business travel, which also cuts pollution.

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