Google Alternative Transportation

Google has a company-wide commitment to increasing transportation options for their employees and reducing their carbon footprint. Google, independently and in partnership with Boulder Transportation Connections and 36 Commuting Solutions, has completed initiatives to help the company and its employees to achieve its sustainability goals. 

Google has a number of initiatives already in progress. Google is a member of both Boulder Transportation Connections and 36 Commuting Solutions, Way to Go’s TMA partners working together to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and make life better for region’s employers and their employees.

The company completely covers the cost of the RTD EcoPass and B-cycle memberships for all 250+ Boulder employees, as well as the cost of vanpools used through the company’s national partnership with Enterprise and the Guaranteed Ride Home program. They give gas cards for employees who carpool. 

Google supports bicycle commuting by providing on-site locker rooms, shower facilities, secure bicycle parking and by sponsoring of a Boulder B-cycle station right in front of their building. They also host an annual Bike to Work Day breakfast station and strongly encourage employee participation. 

Google provides preferential parking for both carpools and vanpools and have installed four electric vehicle charging station. They will soon be instituting a company carshare program and are researching a shuttle service to and from the nearest Park-n-Ride for employees.