Get an A+ in efficiency and community when you sign up for the Schoolpool transportation program.

If you need help transporting your kids to and from school, Way to Go can help you get started with Schoolpool for FREE. Our secure system will connect you with families in your neighborhood to share in the responsibilities of getting the kids to school and back via carpooling, walking, biking or riding either RTD or the school bus together. Thousands of other families from Denver-area schools are already connected to the shared Schoolpool program. …What are you waiting for? Just try it! You’ll gain support and a sense of community and get some much-needed school transportation help in return.

For more information or if you are a school administrator looking to get your school started, call 303-458-7665 or email us at:

*Way to Go and DRCOG assume no responsibility and liability and do not run background checks, confirm valid drivers' licenses or assess insurance coverage on participants. Potential users are advised to screen participants to their personal satisfaction and check their own insurance coverage for carpooling to assure they are covered under these voluntary arrangements. No drivers, vehicles or insurance are provided. Families receiving a match are not obligated to participate and may keep the information as a reference. Families will need to take the initiative to contact others to make their arrangements.