Flexible Work Schedules

Skip rush hour and improve work satisfaction!
Consider making flexible work schedules or compressed workweeks a small but appealing part of your employee benefits package. With the average commuter in Denver spending more than 60 hours in traffic every year, giving employees the ability to shift their schedules from standard business hours (avoiding rush hour traffic) can make a huge difference in retention and happiness.

Compressing workweeks lets employees do their regular work in fewer than the standard five days a week, or lets them work longer hours some days and fewer on others. Whichever option you give your employees helps them achieve better work-life balance.

Another benefit to offering flexible work schedule options is that these allow you to more easily match your company's payrolls to seasonal or other shift types, bringing in even more cost benefits.

Let our Way to Go team provide information and evaluate your needs to determine if flexible work schedule options will work for your company. Email us at WaytoGo@drcog.org to get started.