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Help your colleagues become smart commuters

Get your co-workers commuting smart by introducing your company to Way to Go. We offer tools to help evaluate the needs of employees to help improve stress levels and solve company-wide problems such as parking, traffic congestion, productivity, and company morale.

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Person getting into car
Carpooling saves you money and frees up parking space at your workplace. Way to Go’s ride-matching website is easy to use, secure and FREE. Have your employer set up a company network within our program so you and your colleagues can easily be matched with one another. Or enlist the help of our expert Way to Go team.


Travel 15 or more miles (one way) to work? Vanpool may be your Way to Go! For a reasonable monthly fare, the Way to Go vanpool program provides the vehicle, insurance and fuel. Denver-region vanpools are subsidized by RTD, and our expert team can provide tools to assist with vanpool formation at your workplace.


bus and train
RTD offers regional options for commuters to take the bus or rail. Let Way to Go help find the best routes for you and your colleagues and suggest solutions for offering transit passes. Way to Go’s trip planning website is an easy way to map out your best transit route.

Biking / Walking

pedestrian and bike
Fresh air and exercise are great for productivity and morale. Finding a way to incorporate them into your chaotic life can be a challenge. Why not fill two needs with one deed along your commute? These are ideal options for you and your colleagues living within striking distance of work. Way to Go will help you explore bike- and pedestrian-friendly practices and provide resources such as bike maps and route planning.


Home with wireless connection
Help initiate a work schedule options program within your company. This an easy way to reduce stress and commuting costs while increasing productivity and work satisfaction! Options such as telework, flex work and compressed work weeks can provide your colleagues with a better work/life balance, creating a happier, more productive environment for everyone. Let our Way to Go team provide information and evaluate your workplace’s needs to determine if any of these options will work for your company.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Person with taxi
For a reasonable annual fee, you can help your company promote alternatives to solo driving and ensure you and your colleagues will arrive home safely with the Guaranteed Ride Home. In case of an emergency or unexpected schedule change, Guaranteed Ride Home gives a peace of mind by providing on-call taxi service at no additional charge. Let the Way to Go team provide you the information about this program and get your company set up in no time!